Love Spell Bundle


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Just Kweenin’s Love Spell Bundle is a collection of magical items carefully crafted to encourage self-love and focus. The Love Me Some Me Manifestation Candle, a luminous 8 oz masterpiece handcrafted in Carolina, emits a seductive aroma of roses. There is a soft energy of love permeating it thanks to the infusion of herbs, spices, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Its self-loving pink color is matched by its rose-scented ability to evoke feelings of comfort and pleasure.

Our Love Spell Key Chain is the essence of romance itself, and it will make your journey that much more special. Exuding calmness, it is handcrafted with Himalayan sea salt, fragrant lavender, and soft red rose petals. Rose quartz chips imbue it with a sense of positivity and serve as a constant reminder of your heart’s truest desires.

Included in this package are a four-inch red rose petal and a sacred sage smudge stick, both of which are meant to invoke good energy before setting out on a journey infused with love. Our Love Spell Bundle is a carefully curated symphony of elements designed to help you find love and happiness in your life.


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