Clear Quartz Jewelry Set


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This beautiful jewellery set, handcrafted by Justkweenin in California, is a perfect way to celebrate the enduring attraction of Clear Quartz.

A pair of earrings and a necklace, both from the Radiant Clarity collection, are beautiful manifestations of the collection’s namesake crystal.

Earrings made entirely of Clear Quartz, carefully cut to highlight the gemstone’s inherent brilliance. The opalescent stones dangle attractively, revealing their dazzling sparkle with every motion.

These stud earrings, suspended from silver-plated hooks, are perfect for any event because of their class and convenience.

The fascinating Clear Quartz pendant is the showpiece of this necklace set, which is crafted from sterling silver wire.

The pendant dangles from a 20-inch silver-plated snake chain, giving your neckline an air of refined elegance, it can be easily worn near the heart, where its tremendous energy can be felt all day.

Clear quartz has been hailed for centuries for its metaphysical healing powers, earning it the name “Master Healer.”

It is intended to boost vitality, allowing one to focus intently and strengthen one’s bond with one’s inner self.

Wearing this Clear Quartz jewellery set may help you become more present, mindful, and spiritually attuned.

It’s a potent purifier that will rid you of any lingering negativity and replace it with a sense of calm and equilibrium.

Each item in the Radiant Clarity line is handcrafted specifically for each customer. Every piece of jewellery that comes from Justkweenin’s creativity is one-of-a-kind.

This set of handcrafted earrings and necklace will allow you to experience the hypnotic beauty and mystical advantages of Clear Quartz.

The pieces in the Radiant Clarity collection are a representation of the beauty, strength, and grace of natural crystals, making them perfect for every occasion.


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