Blue Evil Eye and Africa Pendant Necklace


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This layered necklace set in gold plating is handmade with love by Justkweenin. This captivating set consists of two separate necklaces, each of which is a perfect fusion of bohemian elegance and cultural significance, and will elevate your style and empower your spirit.

Putting on a Blue Evil Eye necklace is a powerful and ageless way to protect yourself from harm and attract good fortune.

The blue evil eye pendant, delicately dangling from a 20-inch gold stainless steel chain, is mesmerizing.

This ancient talisman is highly prized all over the world for its purported ability to protect its owner from the evil eye and bestow upon them the gifts of happiness and prosperity.

Wearing an Africa map pendant necklace is a great way to honor your heritage and show pride in the continent’s rich cultural tapestry.

The pendant is crafted from stainless steel and adorned with sparkling rhinestones; it hangs from a stainless steel rope chain that measures 22 inches in length.

Wearing this stunning accessory is a great way to show your cultural pride and make a personal connection while also enhancing your bohemian look.

Bohemian Harmony Necklace Set is an expression of individuality and creativity and more than just a necklace set.

Whether you’re rocking a flowy dress or a vintage-inspired getup, these captivating accessories will help you channel your inner bohemian.

Gold plating adds a luxurious touch to your boho chic ensemble, so feel free to flaunt your individual style.

This multi-strand gold necklace set was created to honour cultural significance and bohemian allure, and it will help you experience the magic of Bohemian Harmony.

This set is a showcase of Justkweenin’s creativity and is perfect for a thoughtful gift or a show-stopping accessory.

Embrace your inner free spirit and step up your style game with this stunning necklace set.


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