Calling All Ancestor Bundle Kit


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Our Ancestors Bundle Kit is a powerful set of tools that will help you feel more connected to your ancestors.

The centerpiece of this kit is our “Calling All Ancestors” 8-ounce candle, which was made with the intention of honoring and calling your ancestors.

If you light this candle during your rituals and meditations, you can create a sacred space where you can talk to them and get their advice.

The red rose petal is a beautiful way to honor your ancestors because it represents love and remembering them.

Use it as an offering or the center of your rituals to honor the people who have helped shape your life.

The white smudge stick, which has been used for centuries to clean and purify, helps get rid of any stuck energy and creates a sacred space for communicating with the dead.

It acts as a bridge between realms because it is filled with intention and respect.

This bundle comes with a stick of sacred palo santo, which is known for its ability to ground and lift people up.

You can use it to clean your space, raise your energy, and get closer to the spiritual world.

The smell of palo santo brings a sense of peace and harmony to your rituals because it is so unique.

Use the Ancestors Bundle Kit as a way to connect with your ancestors and let their wisdom and advice flow into your life.

This kit is a reminder of how generations are linked and how important it is to honor those who came before us.

Make rituals that mean something, do work for your ancestors, and connect with the collective consciousness of your lineage.

With our Ancestors Bundle Kit, you can enter the realm of your ancestors and go on a journey that will change you.


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