Mini Manifestation Spell Candles


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With our exquisite set of three hand-poured candles, you can experience the power of manifestation.

Each candle comes in an 8-ounce tureen jar and is infused with a spellbinding blend of magical herbs and spices to increase their potency.

As you embark on a path of self-discovery and manifestation, embrace the transformative energies of Love, Abundance, and New Opportunities.

Love Me Some Me Manifestation Candle

With our enchanting pink Love Candle, bathe in the warm glow of love. This candle, infused with the alluring scent of fresh roses, stokes the fires of passion and fosters a deeper connection with yourself and others.

The candle’s gentle illumination reveals 1 clear quartz and 1 rose quartz crystal, revealing the mysteries of the heart.

These crystals are known for attracting love, enhancing emotional healing, and promoting self-love and compassion.

Money Spell Candle

Our golden-yellow Money Candle, lightly scented with the reviving essence of rainwater, will help you see your way to financial success.

As the candle burns, it reveals two powerful crystals: a clear quartz and a pyrite, both known for their ability to bring prosperity and good fortune to their owners.

Light this candle and let its mystical power lead you to uncharted financial heights and unimagined possibilities.

Road Opener Manifestation Candle

Our energizing green Road Opener Candle is the perfect way to begin a journey with no limits.

Awaken your senses with the enticing aroma of an English garden as 1 clear quartz and 1 citrine crystal are unveiled, bringing good vibes and opening doors to new possibilities.

Feel the chains of the past fall away as you light this candle, paving the way for fresh starts and uncharted territories.

Manifestation Candle Features

Just Kweenin‘s Manifestation Candles is a labor of love, poured by hand in small batches until perfection is achieved. Infuse your hopes and dreams into the candle flame as you meditate.

Each candle has been infused with crystals that have been chosen because they are in harmony with the intention behind the candle. Careful placement of these crystals allows us to make full use of their metaphysical potential.

We’ve infused our candles with a special mixture of herbs and spices known for their ability to help wishes come true. These sacred materials boost the candles’ energies, allowing your wishes to reverberate throughout the cosmos.

Our candles are made with care and feature a soy wax base, so they burn cleanly and are safe for the environment. Spend many happy hours bathed in illuminating light and the magic of powerful manifestation.


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