Road Opener Manifestation Candle

Road Opener Manifestation Candle


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The “Road Opener” Manifestation Candle ????????????????
The “Road Opener” Manifestation Candle has been fixed with powerful magickal herbs and spices, a mix of essential oils and 2 crystals (citrine for stimulating mental power and helping you to focus, and clear quartz to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness, also a booster for the citrine). It is geared to attract clear one’s path to your highest good. This includes traveling, beginning a new project or pursuing a lifelong dream, “Road Opener” can reveal the simplest way to your destination. It’s also amazing for protection on long trips, especially road trips. This is also an amazing candle for artists, as it’s magical properties aids in taking away creative blocks and inspiring you.
English Garden Scented (imagine being immersed in a garden full of a wide variety of flowers, that’s exactly what you’ll feel like when lighting this beauty, with a mix of other essential oils, spices and herbs.
This candle is for you if you’re looking to attract new opportunities, finding your dreams, happiness, creativity, inspiration, concentration and learning in action. If this candle is for you or someone else, please let me know the name in the notes. Each candle comes in an 8 oz tureen jar. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please read the full description.


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