Issa Moon Thang Manifestation Candle


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Ignite your creative energy and unlock the power of manifestation with the Issa Moon Thang Manifestation Candle. Handcrafted in California, this 8 oz soy wax candle comes in a sleek glass jar, featuring a mesmerizing white color that complements any space.

Infused with the enchanting scent of cinnamon chai, this manifestation candle creates a warm and inviting ambiance, filling the air with comforting aromas that soothe the senses.

Each candle is carefully crafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.

The Issa Moon Thang Manifestation Candle combines the metaphysical properties of howlite, clear quartz, and a blend of magical herbs, essential oils, and spices.

This unique blend enhances the candle’s energy and provides a powerful tool for manifesting your desires.

Designed to align with the lunar cycles, this candle can be used during specific moon phases for different intentions.

  • During the crescent moon, tap into your creativity, embrace transformation, and explore new possibilities.
  • The 1st quarter moon is ideal for taking action, increasing energy, and drawing positive experiences into your life.
  • The gibbous moon phase encourages development, positive affirmations, and moving forward on your journey.
  • When the moon is full, it’s time for culmination, releasing the past, and embracing gratitude and thanks.
  • The last quarter moon aids in banishing, letting go of negative patterns, and stopping bad habits.
  • The balsamic moon invites reflection, allowing you to learn from your experiences and look inward.
  • During the dark moon, find solace and engage in meditation and shadow work.

Indulge in the Issa Moon Thang Manifestation Candle to create a sacred space for manifestation, self-reflection, and personal growth. Embrace the power of the lunar cycles and ignite your intentions with this enchanting candle, made with love and infused with magic.


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