“Bye Tyrone” Manifestation Candle


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Introducing our “Bye Tyrone” Manifestation Candle, expertly handcrafted in California in batches. This powerful 8 oz soy wax candle, encased in a stylish tureen jar, is specifically designed to offer protection, remove hexes and curses, promote stability, and neutralize negative energy.

The gray color of this manifestation candle symbolizes its ability to effectively neutralize any negative energy that may be directed toward you. Infused with the captivating scent of Sea Salt and Orchid, this candle creates a serene ambiance that enhances the manifestation process.

To amplify its magical properties, we have carefully blended black onyx and clear quartz crystals with a selection of mystical herbs, essential oils, and spices.

These enchanting ingredients work synergistically to assist you in your meditation practices and manifesting desired outcomes.

Whether you’re seeking protection, stability, or liberation from negative energies, the “Bye Tyrone” Manifestation Candle is your perfect companion.

Illuminate it during your meditation sessions or under the full moon to harness its transformative energy and manifest positive results in your life.

Key Features:

-Powerful 8 oz soy wax candle in a tureen jar
-Sea Salt and Orchid scented for a calming ambiance
-Gray color neutralizes negative energy
-Handcrafted in California by batches
-Infused with black onyx, clear quartz, magical herbs, essential oils, and spices
-Ideal for protection, hex/curse removal, stability, and neutralizing negative energy
-Perfect for meditation and manifestation during the full moon


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