Matte Black Onyx Ankh Beaded Necklace


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Our Matte Black Onyx 8 mm Beaded Necklace is a one-of-a-kind statement necklace that combines class and mystery.

The matte black onyx beads are a lovely contrast to the hypnotic pattern of Unakite and Pyrite in this captivating necklace.

Each bead in this strand of 8 mm black onyx has a deep, sophisticated black color that adds to its allure. Their sleek finish enhances their tactile appeal and makes wearing them a pleasurable experience.

Beads of Unakite and Pyrite are skillfully interwoven throughout the pattern, providing striking contrasts in color and texture.

Balance, harmony, and emotional healing are all represented by the Unakite beads’ beguiling combination of pink, green, and cream tones.

These rare gems have earned a stellar reputation for their capacity to stimulate the heart chakra, thereby fostering emotional health and development.

The Pyrite beads, with their famous metallic sheen and golden tones, exude assurance, prosperity, and safety.

Pyrite, a stone thought to bring prosperity, imparts the necklace with a positive energy that aids in the achievement of one’s goals.

A charm in the shape of an Ankh, finished in bronze, is artfully set among the beads.

The Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol of life and eternal energy, gives the necklace a touch of mystery and spirituality that sets it apart from other necklaces and gives it deeper meaning.


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