Howlite Ankh Beaded Bracelet


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This 8mm Howlite Ankh Beaded Bracelet was designed and handcrafted in California by Justkweenin, who creates one-of-a-kind, meaningful jewelry that combines love and creativity.

This lovely bracelet combines the calming properties of Howlite with the mysterious allure of the Ankh symbol.

These bracelets are made with genuine 8mm Howlite beads and feature a stunning combination of pure white stones that will add a touch of elegance and calm to any outfit.

The Ankh, a symbol of life and spiritual immortality, is intricately woven into Howlite’s healing energy, making this piece a potent reminder of life’s delicate balancing act with death and the afterlife.

Embrace your uniqueness with our resizable bracelet, which can be adjusted to the size that best suits you.

This beautiful accessory was carefully crafted to be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit or event.

This Howlite Ankh Beaded Bracelet has remarkable healing properties in addition to its enchanting aesthetics.

Howlite is well-known for its sedative and stress-busting properties, helping to bring about a state of calm and relief from nervousness.

It’s been said to help with sleep, increase positive traits, and increase self-awareness and spiritual development.

This empowering bracelet is perfect for anyone embarking on a quest of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

The positive energy, protection, and harmony of the Howlite Ankh Beaded Bracelet can be yours whether you wear it yourself or give it as a gift.

These pieces are sure to elevate your spirit and your style. Our Ankh Beaded Bracelet, a universal symbol of hope and strength, is strung with Howlite beads and offers a holistic healing experience.


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