Jasper Ankh Beaded Necklace


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Our Jasper Ank Beaded Necklace is a stunning blend of natural beauty and spiritual symbolism that has been meticulously handcrafted. It’s 16″ long and has 8mm beads.

Because of the care taken in selecting each individual bead, this exquisite necklace is a dynamic expression of its wearer.

The beads have been polished until they are smooth. Jasper has a wide range of earthy tones, from deep reds to bright yellows and soothing greens.

It is widely held that this natural gemstone can help its wearer feel more attuned to nature and their own true nature by bestowing upon them a sense of stability, harmony, and grounding.

The bronze-toned Ankh charm we added gives the design an air of mystery. Ancient Egyptians saw the Ankh as a symbol of immortality and rebirth.

This beautiful pendant not only adds to the necklace’s visual appeal but also has profound spiritual significance, serving as a constant reminder of the wearer’s place in the ever-renewing cycle of life and the unyielding strength of the soul.

Let the natural beauty and calming energy of this extraordinary accessory serve as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of your body, mind, and spirit on life’s never-ending journey.


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