Set of 25 Opalite Runes with Burlap Storage Pouch


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Our Set of 25 Opalite Runes, exquisitely engraved with the symbols of the Elder Futhark, will help you unlock the secrets of the past.

Explore the mysterious energies of these stunning gemstone runes as you embrace the power and wisdom of runic divination.

The set can be given as a gift or kept as a treasured memento of one’s own spiritual journey thanks to its beautiful Burlap Storage Pouch.

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Featuring the sacred symbols of the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, our Set of 25 Opalite Runes are hand-carved from genuine gemstones.

The enchanting iridescence of Opalite amplifies the runes’ divinatory power, allowing you to tap into ancient energies and gain useful insights into your future.

Elder Futhark Runes:
The Elder Futhark runic alphabet was used by the ancient Germanic and Norse peoples, making it the earliest surviving runic script.

The power and significance of the individual runes lie in their symbolic representation of life’s experiences, feelings, and supernatural forces.

Learning the practice of runic divination will help you learn valuable lessons from the past.

Mystical Divination Tool:
Our Opalite Runes are a versatile and trustworthy tool for seeking guidance, clarity, and wisdom, whether you’re a seasoned rune reader or just starting out in the world of divination.

Try your hand at rune casting, an ancient form of divination, and see what the runes have to say about your life and the issues you’re grappling with.

Charming Burlap Storage Pouch:

The included Burlap Storage Pouch is both earthy and rustic, perfect for protecting the runes’ holy energy.

This lovely pouch does double duty as a safe haven for your runes and an attractive accessory for your spiritual practice, travel, or gift-giving.


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