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Awaken and balance your chakras with Justkweenin‘s Reiki Chakra Disc, a divination tool for finding inner peace and harmony.

This potent energy tool features seven separate discs, each decorated with vibrant colors representing the chakras.

The Reiki Chakra Disc Divination Tool is a channel for energy, stimulating the flow of ki through the chakras and promoting profound healing.

These chakra discs provide a profound way to deepen your spiritual practice, whether you’re a seasoned Reiki master or just getting started with energy work.

Each of the seven major energy centers in the body is represented on one of our discs, from the earthy red of the base chakra to the ethereal violet of the crown chakra.

During times of meditation or healing, simply place the disc on the corresponding chakra to feel the effects of balancing your energies.

The included pouch makes it easy to carry and keep your chakra discs safely and with you at all times.

You can harness the transformative energy of the chakras anywhere you find peace and quiet—at home, in nature, or in a sacred space.

Feel your energy centers realign as you submerge yourself in the calming tones of these chakra discs. Allow your life force to flow freely by dissolving blocks and releasing any emotional or energetic stagnation.

Use our Reiki Chakra Disc as a divination tool to explore your chakras’ latent abilities and strengthen your bond to your inner self.

Raise the bar of your spiritual practice and embark on a path of introspection, recovery, and development. Get a set of discs for your chakras today and feel the powerful effects of this sacred energy tool.


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