Pyrite Geode Wine Stopper


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Do you want to give your wine collection an air of natural elegance, or are you looking for a special present for a friend who loves wine?

Just Kweenin’s Geode Wine Stopper is second to none; it’s made from a genuine geode and is sure to be a conversation starter wherever it’s displayed.

Geodes are the natural world’s best-kept secrets; they are formed when minerals slowly crystallize inside of rock crevices over millions of years.

In what way? Each geode is a one-of-a-kind work of art, boasting a stunning array of colors and patterns. The unrefined elegance of these geological marvels is on full display in our Geode Wine Stopper, adding a dash of Earth’s artistic flair to your wine bottle.

A One-of-a-Kind Wine Accessory

With Just Kweenin’s Geode Wine Bottle Stopper, you’re able to keep your favorite bottle of wine fresh which is also a beautiful piece of art.

Our Geode Wine Stopper is the perfect example, as it fuses form and function. It seals tightly over the neck of most standard wine bottles, keeping in the wine’s aromas and flavors so that each sip is just as good as the first.

Home Decoration

Our Geode Wine Stopper is not only functional but also makes for a beautiful accent piece. Simply perch it atop your bottle of wine to instantly make your collection more eye-catching.

This stunning geode wine stopper will be the talk of any dinner party or showcase your admiration for nature’s wonders in any wine rack.


Use our Geode Wine Stopper to bring the splendor of nature into your wine-drinking ceremonies. Its beautiful organic design and useful functionality make it an indispensable wine accessory.

This geode wine stopper will be a stunning addition to any home, whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. Experience wine preservation like never before by embracing the geode’s natural beauty and sophistication.


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