Floral Smudge Bundle


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Our 6-inch long Floral Smudge Stick is perfect for clearing the air, smudging your sacred space, and bringing in good vibes.

The cleansing properties of sage help to purge the space of any lingering negativity.

With its calming scent, lavender creates an environment that is conducive to rest and reflection.

The use of hollyhock, a flower known for its positive and energizing properties, will bring an extra dose of joy to your ceremonies.

This smudge stick is perfect for purging your home of negative energy, cleansing your altar before religious or spiritual rituals, or creating a peaceful environment in which to meditate.

Incorporate its uplifting aroma into rituals and meditation sessions to boost concentration and purpose.

This floral smudge stick measures 6 inches in length and is hand-rolled from all-natural herbs before being tightly bound to release its scent slowly and evenly.

The dried flowers used to create each smudge stick give it a one-of-a-kind look while also making it a powerful spiritual aid.


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