Clear Crystal Quartz Pendant


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Introducing our 1 3/4-inch Clear Crystal Quartz Pendant, a mesmerizing gemstone pendant that perfectly complements any outfit with its understated beauty.

Wire-wrapped by yours truly in San Bernardino, California, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece is proudly made to order.

The Clear Quartz Pendant’s crystal is beautiful and of high quality, and its healing properties are well-known and highly desirable.

The purity and calmness it exudes are crystallized in its flawless clarity, making it a perfect accessory for any day.

This pendant instantly enhances your look and exudes good vibes, whether dressing up for work, going out for a casual day, or attending a formal event.

Just Kweenin devotes countless hours to each pendant, guaranteeing it will be unique to its wearer.

Artfully incorporating the wire-wrapping technique elevates the already stunning stone to the status of a showpiece.

This pendant was made with the ideals of mindfulness and equilibrium in mind and is perfect for the sophisticated and genuine.

Because it was handcrafted, this one-of-a-kind accessory is completely unique.

Enjoy the pleasure of always having something truly precious to look at when you put on our San Bernardino, California-made Clear Crystal Quartz Pendant, known for its healing properties and positive energy.


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