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Get ready to take your hair to new heights with the help of our exquisite Chakra Hair Jewelry Comb. This hair comb was meticulously handcrafted in California, and it features a special arrangement of naturally tumbled stone chips.

The stone chips have been arranged from left to right, with the calming energy of amethyst on the left and the deep blue hues of lapis lazuli on the right.

The calming tones of aquamarine, the invigorating essence of green aventurine, the energizing vibrancy of citrine, the seductive heat of orange quartzite, and the fiery intensity of red bamboo stone await as your gaze travels along the comb.

This Chakra Hair Jewelry Comb can be worn for formal or casual events. This comb is perfect for the bride-to-be or any woman looking to add a touch of class to her hair for any occasion.

The subtle vibrations of the chakra stones are infused into your hair as it is held in place with ease.

Our combs are assembled by hand in California by Justkweenin who care deeply about the quality of their work. The stones have been set in a sturdy base to ensure years of use. The ergonomic shape of the comb makes it easy and pleasant to use while you style your hair.

Key Features

  • Chakra Hair Jewelry Comb with naturally tumbled stone chips
  • Handcrafted in California
  • Features amethyst, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, green aventurine, citrine, orange quartzite, and red bamboo stones
  • Versatile accessory suitable for weddings and regular hair styling
  • High-quality construction for durability and comfort

Add a touch of nature’s beauty and positive energy to your hair with our Chakra Hair Jewelry Comb. Explore the mesmerizing blend of colors and properties that these stones offer. Order yours today and let your hair shine with the radiance of the chakra stones.


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